Cling to Jesus

Seeking Jesus
Seeking Jesus


The gospel of today Matthew 14:13-21 teaches us the importance of clinging to Jesus. When we love Jesus first in our lives above everything else we receive great blessing beyond what we can hope or even imagine. When we surrender to God and seek Him with all our hearts then we find Him, Jesus who is the great treasure beyond all price. Here at Our Lady of Grace Monastery we are blessed to have before our eyes the witness of the Augustinian Contemplative Nuns who cling to Jesus and who daily seek Him in their prayers. In doing so they give us a great example of the importance of seeking God in the midst of our world.

Please consider supporting this important witness of God’s Love in the midst of this world. Even a little bit every month helps to continue this important ministry. The Augustinian Nuns pray for all their benefactors everyday.

You can send donations to:

Our Lady of Grace Monastery
940 Monastery Road
Monastery, Nova Scotia
Canada, B0H 1W0

Please make checks out to Our Lady of Grace Monastery. Thank you and may Jesus bless you in everyway.

ps. We hope to have online donations available for the Augustinian Nuns available here on this website very soon. Again thank you for your support.

Sincerely in Jesus and Mary, Our Lady of Grace,

Father David Wade DeCoste Chaplain of Our Lady of Grace Monastery.

If you want to listen to this Sundays homily you can find it here at my personal website called proclaimmylovetoall. Sunday Homily

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